Our Business


UM Bau GmbH helps its clients to successfully and profitably develop real estate property in Austria. We offer our clients a single point of contact for all project-related matters, managing all necessary relations and work with municipalities, engineers, construction workers, and more. In short, contracting our services brings our clients a stress-free building experience with 100% peace of mind.

We offer our services in the following 2 ways:

Full Suite

We run the entire (re)development project from “A to Z” managing all day-to-day construction management operations.

Pick and Choose

We run specific project tasks only.

  • Real Estate Acquisition
    • Client Criteria
    • Market Search
    • Short-List of Properties
    • Legal Examination
    • Price Bidding
    • Purchase Contracts
    • Transfer of Ownership
  • Building Concept & Design
    • Site Surveys
    • Creative Brainstorm
    • Preliminary 2D Sketches
    • Technical Study
    • Commercial Study
    • Legal Study
    • Municipality Study
    • Final 2D/3D Sketches
  • Project Planning & Budgets
    • Technical Drawings
    • List of Materials
    • List of Labour
    • Request Proposal
    • Budget Analysis
    • Price Negotiations
    • Final Revision Drawings
  • Permits & Certificates
    • Submit Applications
    • Submit Final Drawings
    • Organise Permit
    • Building Insurances
    • Government Subsidies
    • Energy Certificates
  • Construction Supervision
    • Supplier Agreements
    • Schedule Workers
    • Onsite Control
    • Onsite Troubleshooting
    • Work Sign-Off
    • Municipality Inspections
  • Interior Design Consulting
    • Furnishing Plan
    • Fixtures Plan
    • Shopping List
    • Buy Items
    • Receive Goods at Site
    • Installation Works
    • Final Cleaning
  • Property Sales & Marketing
    • Photo-Real 3D Renders
    • Decorated Floor Plans
    • Contract Brokers
    • Sales Brochure
    • Website
    • Advertising
    • Buyer’s Q&A
    • Notary Sales Contracts
  • Property Management
    • Owners Association
    • Facility Management
    • Bank Guarantees
    • Buyer Walk Through
    • Warranty Claims

We work for private individuals, commercial investors, businesses and government agencies. As a trusted partner, we are contracted by our clients to provide independent expertise and hands-on organisational support in areas of real estate acquisition, planning & design, construction supervision, interior design, and more. Clients also buy into our tested and trusted network of partner companies and craftsmen. These partners provide professional skilled labour, quality products, industry standard warranties and, of course, competitive prices.


We are specialised in REdeveloping existing buildings into apartment buildings, private homes or boutique hotels. We take an old building and give it a valuable second life, often with a new function. Our first point of departure is to assess the remaining economic value of any given building. We cleverly REuse as many of the existing structures (e.g. walls, basement, roof) as possible, as part of a new design. In doing so, we do not compromise on floor plan layout or structural design. It is a complex puzzle to solve and requires significant conceptual vision and technical insight.

Our specialism provides our clients with three major benefits:

  1. It allows our clients to significantly reduce construction costs by cleverly reusing existing building structures that still have substantial value.
  2. It allows our clients to preserve any structural building elements that hold historical, artistic and/or sentimental value.
  3. It allows our clients to adopt an eco-friendly approach to construction by limiting unnecessary material waste and debris.


Our approach to any real estate development or redevelopment project is about spending a lot more time on-site than behind our office desk. We do so before and during the entire project life cycle.

Our committed on-site presence allows us to collect all the essential technical and environmental data required to prepare a solid and fitting building concept. Once construction starts, we are able to properly supervise and coordinate work by third parties and deal with all daily questions and issues that arise. Being on-site also allows us to make last-minute decisions on design details, achieving the best overall results.