Free to choose

Our expenses are usually offset against the savings we bring our clients. We successfully mitigate the risk of budget overruns. We ensure our clients pay a fair market price for materials and labour procured. Not to mention the time and money our clients save by outsourcing work to us.

We always offer upfront fixed pricing. We don’t like hidden or variable costs. We have three pricing models from which our clients can choose:

Fixed Price per Project
We calculate a fee between 7.5% and 10%, based on total project cost.
This model is designed for clients who wish to contract a Full Suite service. They want no direct operational involvement in the project and are seeking to outsource work to a strong partner. They value their own time and desire 100% peace of mind.
Fixed Price per Assigned Task
We agree to a fixed lump sum to complete a specific task.
This model is designed for clients who want a Pick and Choose service. They want an expert team to jointly develop the project with them. As such, they only outsource cer-tain tasks (e.g. develop an interior design plan or supervise all construction work).
Fixed Price per Hour
We charge an hourly fee of 125 € per hour.
This model is designed for clients who intend to run the project themselves but are seeking occasional on-demand expert advice or organisational support. They value a professional second opinion on their project.